A connection between The Little Prince and hero of a video game Bastion

As many like to say, The Little Prince, a book written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is meant to be read in every phase of our lives, in every 5 to 10 years. When we are kids, when picture of snake eating elephant is exactly that, not a hat, later when we are teenagers and chapters about rose are a melodramatic, love story. Later, you can even (at least, I did) catch something political between the lines.

Anyway, it is a masterpiece, for many reasons.



Same goes for Bastion, game developed by studio named Supergiant Games. It is one of the reasons why games are considered as form of art.

Even if you simply enjoy it as a adventure, it is a great adventure, one that makes you feel floating when traveling around the broken world. Just like visiting planets.

Message is, of course, more explicit. But what is the message, and can it be simply written of as “kid without home”, is for you to judge.

Fact is, it struck me differently now, years after first play.



This text was translated to English by a robot controlled by two cats. Sorry for inconvenience. By the way, every now and then I am summarizing my tweets, making a longer form of my thoughts.

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