Narcos, Stranger Things and two more shows

I won’t go in deeper searching of details about the show until I finish watching first season. For now, listen to this:

Narcos, now in it’s second season, is somewhere between solid and good. It lacks the thing that makes it good – touch of magic realism.


And now, I have two more to watch, both with 90+ score on Rotten Tomatoes.


[American Crime is an] anthology drama focusing on all aspects of the U.S. criminal justice system deals with a home invasion in California in Season 1 that leaves a war veteran dead and his wife seriously injured. Season 2 takes place in Indianapolis and explores accusations of sexual assault involving teens at two different high schools, one public and one private.



[The Night Of is an] eight-part drama series following a murder case in New York City.



This text was translated to English accidentally. Sorry for inconvenience. By the way, every now and then I am summarizing my tweets, making a longer form of my thoughts.

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