About presidential candidates, part 1

Yes, Rasim Ljajić and Ivica Dačić, ministers in current government under PM Aleksandar Vučić, are already announced their candidacies. Those are phenomenons by itself and can be analyzed deeply, looking at their motives and motives of other political players. One of opinions, coming from “Dosta je bilo” movement says that there will be a lot of “false” candidates, as a part of the Vučić’s plan to weaken joint opposition candidate.

Many parties of that opposition are already contributing to that idea with their public statements, idea of one candidate. But not everyone comes directly with proposition that that person should be party-independent. I really don’t like even a idea of Boris Tadić runnning again, not because of my political aspirations, but because I think that this society is tired of same old, non-functional, corrupted politicians. We are now in need of a states(wo)man.

“Dosta je bilo” movement is also suggesting, in article I linked earlier, a public debate of potential candidates for a place of the opposition’s presidential candidate. I like that idea. They would have a chance to demonstrate their abilities and show able they are to represent individuals opposing ruling party. And they will also get credibility which will weaken attacks from tabloids and big part of the media in Serbia, that are under control of Prime Minister.

* Author of featured image is Marko Todorović (source: google search)


This text was translated to English while nervously waiting for that delicious dinner. Sorry for inconvenience. By the way, every now and then I am summarizing my tweets, making a longer form of my thoughts.

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