Recap, part 1

Today is the day for recap of now one-week old blog. I will try to explain why’s and how’s of my new project.

Few months ago I had an urge to put in motion something that will give me space on web to talk about my experiences and knowledge in spheres of politics, web culture, ethics… Writing a blog seemed as most practical way to do that, in contrast to some sort of video blog.

Goals for this blog are in same way reasons that pushed writing as a method in first place when choosing the right tool.

  1. Content has to be short.
    First, I don’t have time right now for in-depth essays, as much I would love to write them one day. Short is easily digested in the other hand and challenge of saying more with less feels interesting. Inspiration for this form is the way how Vox Sentences work. Their authors are doing great job in providing “news, but shorter.”
  2. Content has to be created on daily basis.
    Casey Neistat, creator of vlog on YouTube, mentioned in earlier post, puts enormous effort to make daily uploads of his work, making him one of the most dynamic and interesting phenomenons on the Web. Frequency is going well with short content.
  3. Content has to be linked with my engagement on other platforms.
    You can’t just write a blog. You have to be active. Social platforms are living organism, made of many spaces that give you vast opportunities to express yourself. Tweets don’t need explaining, they deserve one.

Most important, if English is not your native language, this is a great way to practice your writing skills. 🙂 Thank you for bearing with me.

* Featured image was published today on Astronomy Picture of the Day.

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