Dodik and fabricated regional tensions

I believe that is possible for referendum to be cancelled in last moment, but I don’t think it means that much. Milorad Dodik, president of Republika Srpska, is experienced politician who is accurately measuring impact of his decisions. There is no democracy in this entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but instead system similar to one we have here – one man in front of all of corrupted structure. He is the face of instability in Republika Srpska.

I nearly started counting how much racist, xenophobic and provincial statements he made when interviewed by Olja Bećković in latest NIN newsmagazine. But then I realised how unproductive that would be – Milorad Dodik is equivalent to Ivica Dačić – they are both able to publicly say whatever is needed to attract voters, gain popularity, thus staying longer in power.


Reactions from all over the world, interests of West versus interests of East in a little country in the Balkans, struggles between nations of Bosnia and Herzegovina are noise that is created to bring uncertainty into the lives of common people.


As well as affairs in Serbia, such as one with arrest of a spy and tension with Croatia, these events are making things like corruption, low pensions and salaries, poor education system and social inequality not so important. Who will care about electricity price increase when there is a war about to start.


Then how do you resolve daily state problems? What are your guidelines? For Dodik, same as for Vučić, best way is one that will bring more voters. Steps are carefully planned and affairs fabricated to make framework of ruling more accessible to manipulation. Then you collect support among voters, the public perceive you as powerful and that opens way of even more control.


Tensions between Belgrade and Zagreb will disappear now that elections are over in Croatia. In spring of 2017 new presidential elections awaits us and they will give chance to candidates like Ivica Dačić to play with fire only to gather votes from nationalists.


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