Are you going to watch third and fourth season of Narcos?

My wife and I are stuck on seventh episode of second season. So I had time for little googling. Beside discovering that there will be two more seasons, I found somewhere comparison of Narcos and The Wire. First, you can’t compare those two because Narcos is not nearly deep in many terms, such as storytelling or characters developing. Second, how do you even compare a piece of art?


If you are to set some criteria, you can then say that The Wire is similar in terms of quality to the shows like Generation Kill, Treme or Homicide: Life on the Street. Interestingly, they are all based on writing of or created by David Simon.


Back to the Narcos. Show is trying to tell us story about one of the most intriguing events in the history and that is not an easy task. So, when you fail, viewers are left with a feeling of emptiness. That is how I feel when some of the characters mention groups like FARC and stops on that. Colombia is so much more than Pablo Escobar and two agents from DEA. Pablo Escobar didn’t just happen and he didn’t just died. His action had impact on that beautiful place that is beyond scope of this TV show. Yet, it has some good moments. As I mentioned in an earlier post, there is a glimpse of that period, Colombia and magic realism, but no more than a glimpse.


* Featured image shows my favourite character on the show and source was found after simple google search.


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