First day of elementary OS

Elementary OS is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. You can download latest version (Loki 0.4.0) from, a website of the project that is advertising itself as “A fast and open replacement for Windows and macOS”. It has seen spike in popularity mostly because of the simple design terms – less of the need for terminal, reduced software dependencies and streamlined UI. Until now, I didn’t tried it mostly because Ubuntu was doing its job pretty well and I like using GNOME. Yesterday, though, I felt bored and did a fresh install in less than an hour.


On the first sight – it is beautiful and simple experience. I would definitely recommend it as first distro for new users. In time of writing I was using it for less than 24 hours and I didn’t yet encountered any serious problems. I have successfully installed all packages that I was using on Ubuntu and they work flawlessly, like radiotray. There are bugs, there is instability, like Chrome crashing or me being unable to take screenshot of desktop for this blog. Or, because adding PPA in Loki is disabled I had to manually install software-properties-common package first, as suggested in article that I tweeted about. I have a feeling that it runs faster than Ubuntu GNOME 16.04, which my wife first pointed out.


Among many articles I have read today, most enjoyable was one about climate change, with this great material at the end of the page. Randall Munroe, author of xkcd, was today, once again, inspiration to many and initiator of talks about global warming on the Web.


* Featured image shows my PC running elementary OS, with terminal emulator in focus. Because I like terminal emulators.



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