The Right to Be Politically Engaged

Being responsible to yourself and others entails certain level of knowledge of, simply said, what Parliament (or equivalent political body) is doing and why does it matter. As a starting point in state policy shaping, Parliament plays big part in our lives. Understanding its decisions leads to understanding how system works and, thus, ways of changing that system to better.


This Twitter handle belongs to Saša Janković, ombudsman, “Protector of Citizens of the Republic of Serbia”, whose goal is to “protects your rights by controlling the work of public authorities”, as stated on the website. He, along with majority of other public advocates appointed by National Assembly of Serbia, is doing his job pretty well. Meanwhile, he is deconstructing bad parts of the system influencing them to change in a way they are meant to function. We, the citizens, can see through his engagement some of the bad decisions of the government and other public institutions. That is called raising political awareness.

I am writing this as sort of answer to attack on Ombudsman, coming from pro-regime tabloid. His work is inevitably political as any other.


More of this will come out of the project called Moje pravo (My right), produced by Bojana Maljević. Look closely at content and reactions that it causes.


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This text was translated to English vividly.
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By the way, I daily summarize my tweets and other online engagement, making a longer form of my thoughts.

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