Ana Brnabić and Pride Parade 2016

When I tweeted this nearly month ago, I wasn’t really sure will newly appointed minister of public administration and local self-government give public support to the Pride Parade in Belgrade by participating. And she will, according to media.

I hope we will have today third Parade in a row  without violence.

Two things I would like to point out.

First, I think that outed member of government helps the visibility of LGBT community significantly. While Aleksandar Vučić is gaining political profit from the fact that he is having first gay minister in his team, it is more important what we are witnessing – that some trends of modernization can not be escaped.

Second, I will use this public space to strongly support Pride Parade and whole LGBT community. Most of common day problems are nothing compared to theirs. And this should not be the case. We have Constitution in which is clearly stated that all citizens of Republic of Serbia are to be treated equally.

We tend to forget how important Constitution is. It is a foundation on which upon institutions and society are building themselves. If we have crooked institution, then we will have unlawful treatment to its users.

This is a mild definition of a very serious problem we are facing. Pride Parade is not about LGBT only, but tolerance on all levels as well.

Tolerant society tends to move forward and it is only recipe to a long-term growth.


* Author of featured image is Alexa Stankovic, AFP.


This text was translated to English with pen and paper first.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
By the way, I daily summarize my tweets and other online engagement, making a longer form of my thoughts.

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