Zoran Lutovac Opposes “leadership-based” Democratic Party

Zoran Lutovac, minister for EU-integration in Shadow Cabinet organized by Democratic Party (DS) and inspired by Westminster system of government, is one of four candidates for president of DS, in elections which will took place on 24th of September.

In interview with N1, he advocates for reform of the Party, calls DS an organization based only on leadership and believes that it should be oriented toward social democratic profile.

Elections in DS attract a lot of attention in media. Democratic Party is still considered as leading political strength in opposition and its destiny will significantly affect results of the next elections.

We can think of Zoran Lutovac as a new/old face in this level of politics, at least by judging on how the general public perceives him. Dragan Šutanovac, in the other hand, seems like front-runner in this race, despite being in top of DS in the last 16 years and part of government while Boris Tadić was a president, just before its collapse.

According to the poll, readers of daily newspaper Danas think he is in second place, after Dragan Šutanovac, when answering to the question who will be next president of DS.

Lutovac thinks that best way for DS to move itself away from parliamentary census is to transform itself from club of one man to political party that behaves as an organized political body. That sounds promising and is a reform needed by many of political parties and movements in Serbia.

But, he will have tough time demonstrating his ideas. There is not much time for the Party, either. With only few delegates in parliament it’s struggling to find its place in unified opposition movement. And that sort of climate is already populated with used-up leaders.



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