Yahoo Was Hacked and You Should Think About It

On September 22 Yahoo issued a statement confirming hack of their networks which compromised data of “at least” 500 million users accounts. Most of websites covering this story urged their readers to immediately change their password. Recode is advising changing all of your passwords.

One day later I got email from Producteev, real-time communications platform, which I was testing few months ago, stating this:

We learned on August 24 that your Producteev username and password had been held in a file outside our normal encryption procedures, and we believe that this file was potentially accessed by an unauthorized third-party.

I am not user of Yahoo, never was, so I wasn’t directly affected by the hack. But blow came from unexpected place. Not Google, Facebook or any place I visit mostly, but from website I can’t even remember which password I was using for.

So I did then took many steps toward increasing security of my data. And I expected the world to follow.

But no one give a damn. Few of my friend are using Yahoo mail and they reacted to this story like it happened in somewhere far away, thus not concerning them.

If you can learn anything from these massive breaches of databases is that nothing is safe. It is about us being smart when it comes to managing our data, which is very valuable.

There are steps on how you can protect yourself, but more important than that is how you perceive digital you. Difference between real-life connections and those in digital world is blurrier every day.

So my advice to you is to become more information-aware, to think about what you have to offer to the online world and what you want to give in the end. Then think about securing it.


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