Autumn Leaves and Referendums

Three thing I really don’t like about these few months: it’s cold, it’s raining all the time or it looks like it’s going to rain and there is no sun. There is a feeling of something about to end, with the following winter as finale.


For some reason I like scheduling few minutes earlier. I guess it adds to randomness. Anyway, unless there is no electricity for more than half a day like few weeks ago, I will continue posting once a day.


In the first few weeks of this blog I learned few new things, acknowledged advice I got earlier and realized their importance, learned some words, got nearly one thousand views and more than 700 visitors. Also, got banned from r/serbia.


When this blog got too serious it also got boring for me to write it. I liked starting idea – preparing post will take no more than an hour. Considering that I do like to write more and longer I decided to begin working on something different. Idea is to publish text long around 3000 words once a month in which I will analyze politics in more serious manner. Medium is great tool for that and I can’t wait to see how it will go.


From Hungary to UK to Colombia, everyone who was seriously thinking about possible outcomes did predict that are two possibilities, at least, on results of referendum – yes or no. Words like “shocked” are appropriate for those who consider mass direct vote as a good indicator of what public thinks about the question. It is so complicated than that.


This is an example. Hungary’s PM arose to power with populist action. He now has bargaining chip when fighting his opponents, because not that many will listen to the fact that less than half voted. Message saying that 98 percent of those voters said “no” to refugees is traveling faster.


Saša Janković is near the end of his second and final term. Aleksandar Vučić will have opportunity to crush one more independent institution. Same goes for other public bodies with similar responsibilities – as SNS will not take a chance for another Janković getting this much traction.


about featured image: There is one good thing about this time of the year – colors! Author is thrumyeye on DeviantArt.


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I write longer on Medium. First post will be live at November 7.


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