It Stopped Working

That PC broke few minutes after the tweet. I’ve spent rest of the day dealing with the fact and explaining people why is it only machine capable of delivering them what they need and that they will have to try again, tomorrow. It is a sad picture of the state of the public administration.


I wanted to comment its lingual regularity, but who am I to judge…


There is turmoil in Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) and Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS). While it is clear with the first one that collaboration with ruling SNS is main cause, it is still unclear what is happening over at party of self-proclaimed “socialists”.


IMF is now debunking Vučić’s statements about Serbia’s financial growth. Websites like are working hard to check these announcements and they are one of the few in this part of the world.


Thanks to the modern technologies new information can be seen faster than ever. Same goes for disinformation. It is matter of time when will politicians in Serbia start using Trump’s methods.


about featured image: Screenshot of Blue Screen of Death, taken from this tutorial, which doesn’t tell solution for OS from previous decade.

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