Email Is Not Dead

According to the polls by Reuters, from next year woman will be leading only remaining superpower in the world. Five out of seven vice presidents of European commission are male. Serbia didn’t have a woman president or prime minister.

One of the most popular ideas of this year’s elections for the ninth United Nations Secretary-General was to be from Eastern European bloc and to discontinue the fact stated in my tweet.


In order to survive financial crisis one of the main problems that needs solving is reducing cost of the public sector. Cumbersome as it is, cuts could push for smaller but more effective administration. But it led to another problem – majority of those who will stay working are in second half of their years of service, mostly older than 45.


I am talking about much simpler internal networks, not diversity of open world-wide web. As long as paper is the main source of communication between the state and its citizens we must push harder for implementing technology inside basic, every-day work of public administration employee.


about featured image: Screenshot of Outlook Express, found after simple google search.

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I write longer on Medium. First post will be live on November 7.


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