Smederevo Has New Bus Stops!

For some reason I can’t access Twitter webpage. Anyway, I didn’t post much over there since yesterday and I am very late on the schedule for this blog, so I decided to do something different – write a regular post.

For example, I can write about the fact that Smederevo got new bus stops in downtown. On the day I first sawed it I tried not to be cynical about it and to find some facts about whether it was necessary to change the old ones. And as I tried hard not to comment (or tweet, or take a picture) I overheard two women talking, standing next to me, stating in one sentence how corrupt the city is, that size of the new bus stop is significantly smaller than the previous one.

So I am thinking now, why put new (which looks expensive) and not repair the old one? Sad fact is that less than 100 meters from there a building facade is falling off, right atop of the busy sidewalk.

That is the downtown, center of the city in which many ideas of improvement are blatantly obvious as unneccessary. Question I ask myself is – are we stupid or just incompetent? Or is it something else?


about featured image: Taken from this place, it show place where Danube separates, forming a small river island.

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