Smederevo Has New Bus Stops!

For some reason I can’t access Twitter webpage. Anyway, I didn’t post much over there since yesterday and I am very late on the schedule for this blog, so I decided to do something different – write a regular post.

For example, I can write about the fact that Smederevo got new bus stops in downtown. On the day I first sawed it I tried not to be cynical about it and to find some facts about whether it was necessary to change the old ones. And as I tried hard not to comment (or tweet, or take a picture) I overheard two women talking, standing next to me, stating in one sentence how corrupt the city is, that size of the new bus stop is significantly smaller than the previous one.

So I am thinking now, why put new (which looks expensive) and not repair the old one? Sad fact is that less than 100 meters from there a building facade is falling off, right atop of the busy sidewalk.

That is the downtown, center of the city in which many ideas of improvement are blatantly obvious as unneccessary. Question I ask myself is – are we stupid or just incompetent? Or is it something else?


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Email Is Not Dead

According to the polls by Reuters, from next year woman will be leading only remaining superpower in the world. Five out of seven vice presidents of European commission are male. Serbia didn’t have a woman president or prime minister.

One of the most popular ideas of this year’s elections for the ninth United Nations Secretary-General was to be from Eastern European bloc and to discontinue the fact stated in my tweet.


In order to survive financial crisis one of the main problems that needs solving is reducing cost of the public sector. Cumbersome as it is, cuts could push for smaller but more effective administration. But it led to another problem – majority of those who will stay working are in second half of their years of service, mostly older than 45.


I am talking about much simpler internal networks, not diversity of open world-wide web. As long as paper is the main source of communication between the state and its citizens we must push harder for implementing technology inside basic, every-day work of public administration employee.


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Jeremić Will Not Be Secretary-General of the UN

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, according to N1, told Ivica Dačić, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, that Turkey will do no harm to Serbia and other countries in the region when it comes to migrants.

Positioning itself as a friend to Balkan states it tries to confront EU’s policy whenever is possible. Union’s neighbor is important factor in regional and global politics and it takes every opportunity to spread its influence further in states like Serbia, where it already has a certain reach.

I am glad to see Vuk Jeremić not becoming new UNSG. While I did heard some people laughing at possibility of him winning at all, I wasn’t that sure and took the stance that everything is possible. Because, Wall Street Journal can publish something like this:

That leaves former Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic, who polled third and is the only commendable candidate in the mix. At 41, the Harvard-educated Mr. Jeremic is young, but he was a leader of the social movement that helped topple Slobodan Milosevic’s dictatorship in Belgrade in 2000. He later served in the pro-Western government of Boris Tadic, who in 2010 issued a historic Serbian apology for the 1995 massacre at Srebrenica.

Even here in Serbia it is difficult to clarify what happened 16 years ago, in events that led to the fall of Milosević, how much was Boris Tadić really “pro-Western” and whether the apology was sincere.

One thing is certain, judging from his political activities – Vuk Jeremić is one of the politicians that do not fight for the welfare of society as whole, but for himself.


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It Stopped Working

That PC broke few minutes after the tweet. I’ve spent rest of the day dealing with the fact and explaining people why is it only machine capable of delivering them what they need and that they will have to try again, tomorrow. It is a sad picture of the state of the public administration.


I wanted to comment its lingual regularity, but who am I to judge…


There is turmoil in Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) and Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS). While it is clear with the first one that collaboration with ruling SNS is main cause, it is still unclear what is happening over at party of self-proclaimed “socialists”.


IMF is now debunking Vučić’s statements about Serbia’s financial growth. Websites like are working hard to check these announcements and they are one of the few in this part of the world.


Thanks to the modern technologies new information can be seen faster than ever. Same goes for disinformation. It is matter of time when will politicians in Serbia start using Trump’s methods.


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Autumn Leaves and Referendums

Three thing I really don’t like about these few months: it’s cold, it’s raining all the time or it looks like it’s going to rain and there is no sun. There is a feeling of something about to end, with the following winter as finale.


For some reason I like scheduling few minutes earlier. I guess it adds to randomness. Anyway, unless there is no electricity for more than half a day like few weeks ago, I will continue posting once a day.


In the first few weeks of this blog I learned few new things, acknowledged advice I got earlier and realized their importance, learned some words, got nearly one thousand views and more than 700 visitors. Also, got banned from r/serbia.


When this blog got too serious it also got boring for me to write it. I liked starting idea – preparing post will take no more than an hour. Considering that I do like to write more and longer I decided to begin working on something different. Idea is to publish text long around 3000 words once a month in which I will analyze politics in more serious manner. Medium is great tool for that and I can’t wait to see how it will go.


From Hungary to UK to Colombia, everyone who was seriously thinking about possible outcomes did predict that are two possibilities, at least, on results of referendum – yes or no. Words like “shocked” are appropriate for those who consider mass direct vote as a good indicator of what public thinks about the question. It is so complicated than that.


This is an example. Hungary’s PM arose to power with populist action. He now has bargaining chip when fighting his opponents, because not that many will listen to the fact that less than half voted. Message saying that 98 percent of those voters said “no” to refugees is traveling faster.


Saša Janković is near the end of his second and final term. Aleksandar Vučić will have opportunity to crush one more independent institution. Same goes for other public bodies with similar responsibilities – as SNS will not take a chance for another Janković getting this much traction.


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Yahoo Was Hacked and You Should Think About It

On September 22 Yahoo issued a statement confirming hack of their networks which compromised data of “at least” 500 million users accounts. Most of websites covering this story urged their readers to immediately change their password. Recode is advising changing all of your passwords.

One day later I got email from Producteev, real-time communications platform, which I was testing few months ago, stating this:

We learned on August 24 that your Producteev username and password had been held in a file outside our normal encryption procedures, and we believe that this file was potentially accessed by an unauthorized third-party.

I am not user of Yahoo, never was, so I wasn’t directly affected by the hack. But blow came from unexpected place. Not Google, Facebook or any place I visit mostly, but from website I can’t even remember which password I was using for.

So I did then took many steps toward increasing security of my data. And I expected the world to follow.

But no one give a damn. Few of my friend are using Yahoo mail and they reacted to this story like it happened in somewhere far away, thus not concerning them.

If you can learn anything from these massive breaches of databases is that nothing is safe. It is about us being smart when it comes to managing our data, which is very valuable.

There are steps on how you can protect yourself, but more important than that is how you perceive digital you. Difference between real-life connections and those in digital world is blurrier every day.

So my advice to you is to become more information-aware, to think about what you have to offer to the online world and what you want to give in the end. Then think about securing it.


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What are you conducting?

Marija Obradović is Member of Parliament for Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) since 2012. Vice president of SNS, member of parliamentary Committee of Defense and Internal Affairs, she is one of “liberals” in SNS, as she calls her self.

In interview with N1 she defended the fact that her political group in Parliament conducted in only one legislative process that resulted with Law on Government.

She thinks that opposition, with 30 proposed bills, prefers quantity over quality. Whether that is true or not, a political party that has 93 delegates in National Assembly is more than capable to contribute substantially to the work of this body.

That makes her argument weak and adds to the opinion that Assembly, with SNS holding majority, is conductor to the decisions of the government, not a controlling body. Brutally simplified, there are sitting there and voting “yes” when needed.


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