Electric. Trains.

This amazed me:

Following the words of the German deputy economy minister, all 16 German federal states have stated they want to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

mostly because there is no, at least that I know of, concrete agenda on zero-emission cars in Serbia. After ratification of important Paris Agreement, EU is heading towards ban on fossil fuels faster than ever.


I tend to abandon game after a while, not finishing much of them. I think that happens because of my attention span, but that’s another story. In Grimrock I enjoy most when I play it fresh, after few days weeks of abstinence which gives me new perspective. Winning a challenge is more rewarding that way.


Right after the 1 PM.


Woman working over there wasn’t too happy with me giving her a debit card as a way of payment. I think it is all about that new cables and buttons. Another great news: I traveled nearly exactly as long as it’s meant to. Here is a short video:

about featured image: Timetable of railway station in Požarevac, found on this blog, after simple google search.

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I write longer on Medium. First post will be live on November 7.


Legend of Grimrock, Take Two

I always lose, more or less, insignificant files and I keep reinstalling OS in every few months. This time, they were less insignificant – I expected for my save files to be somewhere in Steam’s cloud, but apparently, game doesn’t support that feature. Why is that, I didn’t care to figure out. Seamless experience is something I’m getting used to.

Anyway, start from beginning was a method I used few months ago while I was playing Planescape: Torment and Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. Both are one of the best RPG’s ever made and one of the best games of all time. Despite the habit of replaying before first finishing the game, I had a feeling that something new emerged every time.

Also, I experienced game in a new way, not only because of the details that I didn’t catch for the first time, but because I was more prepared.

In that moments of replay, I act differently. I move faster, I strike fiercely, I hunt with more hunger. Skilled more than the last time, I try to play in ways distinctive of those in first run.

And I like to do little things that will act as a small challenge. I am on third level of dungeon and I didn’t use any of skill points.

Combat system in this game is so simple and can be so creative. You “exploit” weakness of having to move in only four directions by luring enemy into “open” space and then you dance around him, dodging its attacks.

I just ended up close to where I left on Ubuntu. I have over 9 hours of playtime, hopefully many more to come.


* Featured image is a screenshot from my play of this game.


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Demogorgon and Dungeons

Stranger Things is a story about secret government project and how it got out of hand. Simple story that was told many times, which doesn’t make it bad. Once again, you can fly into 1980s, listen to the Clash, enjoy in Dungeons & Dragons references, cheer for the good guys and be really sad in the end. Travel back in time while you follow kids, teenagers and grown-ups in fight against Demogorgon.

Season 2 is coming next year. They are calling it “Stranger Things 2”, making it more sequel than a regular second season. Which I like.

Legend Of Grimrock is not more than 80MB heavy, I think. It’s a RPG, where you control party of four. Interesting mechanism of movement and simplicity that strikes you in first few minutes are not making it any less complex.

Updates to follow.

*  Featured image was taken from here.



This text was translated to English like there is no tomorrow. Sorry for inconvenience. By the way, every now and then I am summarizing my tweets, making a longer form of my thoughts.

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