Electric. Trains.

This amazed me:

Following the words of the German deputy economy minister, all 16 German federal states have stated they want to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

mostly because there is no, at least that I know of, concrete agenda on zero-emission cars in Serbia. After ratification of important Paris Agreement, EU is heading towards ban on fossil fuels faster than ever.


I tend to abandon game after a while, not finishing much of them. I think that happens because of my attention span, but that’s another story. In Grimrock I enjoy most when I play it fresh, after few days weeks of abstinence which gives me new perspective. Winning a challenge is more rewarding that way.


Right after the 1 PM.


Woman working over there wasn’t too happy with me giving her a debit card as a way of payment. I think it is all about that new cables and buttons. Another great news: I traveled nearly exactly as long as it’s meant to. Here is a short video:

about featured image: Timetable of railway station in Požarevac, found on this blog, after simple google search.

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